Sanftes Ohrlochstechen im Herzen von Berlin

Gentle ear piercing in the heart of Berlin

In our showroom in Berlin we offer a special service that brings joy not only to those who long for jewelry for their ears, but also to those who value special care and consideration. Our ear piercing service is performed using the STUDEX® SYSTEM 75, which offers numerous advantages:

  1. Gentle piercing : In contrast to the conventional method of ear piercing, the ear piercing is created much more gently with the STUDEX® SYSTEM 75. This means less trauma to the tissue and a more comfortable experience for our customers.

  2. High hygienic standards : Cleanliness and hygiene are our top priority. Through strict hygiene measures and the use of sterile tools, we ensure that ear piercing takes place in a safe environment.

  3. Precise piercing : With the STUDEX® SYSTEM 75 we can place ear piercings with pinpoint accuracy to ensure that the jewelry fits perfectly and does not cause unnecessary discomfort.

Our service costs just 39.90 euros, including the first ear piercing plug. But for us it's not just about the jewelry, but above all about the well-being of our customers, especially the little ones.

With us, children only get their ears pierced if they expressly want it and can express this verbally. Our trained staff takes the time to explain the process to children and involve them in choosing the plugs they like best.

We attach great importance to ensuring that both parents and children are fully informed and feel comfortable. Before piercing, parents must sign a consent form and will be informed in detail about the treatment and care of the ear piercings. Up to the age of 16, the presence of parents during the piercing process is mandatory.

Our goal is to not only create beautiful ear piercings, but also to provide a positive and supportive experience for our customers. Visit us in our showroom Reichsstr. 107, 14052 Berlin and experience for yourself how pleasant ear piercing can be.

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