Jewelry care

You clean your house, your apartment, your car. How about your jewelry? Jewelry and watches are subject to many demands in daily use and are exposed to numerous influences. How often do you clean your jewelry or have it cleaned?

You should clean and care for jewelry regularly, but you should take a few tips for use into account in advance so that you can enjoy your jewelry and wristwatches for as long as possible.

Jewelry cleaning - tips and tricks

About the correct handling of jewelry

To protect your jewelry and help it stay beautiful for a long time, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not bring your jewelry into contact with cosmetics. Make-up, perfume, deodorants and creams can cause unsightly discoloration.
  • Do not wear jewelry when doing housework, gardening or manual work. You should also take off your jewelry when exercising, showering, bathing and taking a sauna.
  • Damage can occur due to sweat or chlorine (in the swimming pool).
  • Store your jewelry in fabric jewelry boxes or cases to avoid scratches.

Gentle cleaning of jewelry

In principle, you can't go wrong when cleaning jewelry without stones with a little lukewarm water to which a mild pH-neutral detergent has been added. Leave the jewelry in the water for a moment and then dry it with a soft cloth. In this way, dust and dirt particles adhering to the surface are removed and the jewelry is polished a little. You can also carefully use a toothbrush with very soft bristles to clean.

Simply clean jewelry with gemstones with water and dry it carefully with a soft cloth. The same applies to pearl jewelry.

If pearls and gemstones come into contact with dishwashing and cleaning agents, they can be damaged. (This is why you should take off rings before washing and cleaning.)

Home remedies for cleaning jewelry

There are many tips for cleaning jewelry at home. Not all are effective, some cause more harm than good and others are simply pointless.

It is often recommended to clean silver jewelry with toothpaste. However, the abrasive particles contained in many toothpastes can damage the surface. The same applies to cleaning with baking soda. Baking soda has an abrasive effect and can scratch surfaces.

Anything that may be beneficial in some parts can be damaging in another area. This is something you must always keep in mind when considering cleaning your jewelry.

If silver is tarnished, you can line a bowl with aluminum foil, pour boiling water into it and dissolve salt in it. The resulting chemical reaction can make silver jewelry that is placed there look like new again. But - if the exposure time is too long or the dosage of salt is too high, it can attack the surface.

Please inform yourself comprehensively before you start experiments with your own jewelry cleaning. Each precious metal, each gemstone, each setting may require different cleaning methods.

Professional jewelry cleaning

We recommend having jewelry and watches professionally cleaned once a year. This increases the service life and ensures that the original beauty is preserved.

The watches and jewelry can be polished by us.

Used jewelry from our online shop

The jewelry you purchase from us is often professionally cleaned and polished, so you will enjoy it a lot. You can understand this with the “condition” characteristic. It should not be forgotten that you have chosen jewelry with history and a past, so that perhaps small traces of this can be found. Traces that create the special charm of each part.

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