Guarantee & Complaints

Purchasing jewelry and watches from our shop is completely risk-free for you. Buyers often have concerns about the appearance and functionality of second-hand jewelry and watches. You can put such fears aside when you make a purchase in our shop.

The jewelry and watches we offer are carefully checked before sale. Goldsmiths, gemstone setters and watchmakers work in our workshop. With the help of these qualified employees, pieces of jewelry are cleaned, polished or repaired before sale - if necessary. Used watches can receive new watch glasses, batteries or watch straps if necessary. So you as a customer are on the safe side and will be very satisfied with your purchase!

We always strive to satisfy our customers. We therefore offer a guarantee of 12 months on the jewelry and 6 months on the watches. This warranty provides a guarantee that the jewelry and watches meet normal standards of fitness for purpose and durability.

However, our guarantee does not apply if the following situations occur:

  • Intentional or intentional damage,
  • loss or theft,
  • Intentional damage caused by improper use such as scratching, hitting, dropping from a height of more than 1.5 m, throwing, as well as wearing our jewelry while showering, bathing, sleeping or doing sports (see care instructions),
  • normal wear and tear, changes or aging of the materials used.

Important instructions:

  • The buyer is aware that he has purchased used jewelry or watches. Therefore, much more attention should be paid to care and caution when wearing, especially when wearing delicate jewelry.
  • Material-specific errors, such as hallmarks that are difficult to read, color variations, air bubbles, etc., can occur in used jewelry and watches.
  • If you have special requests for your purchase, such as engraving a ring, replacing a watch strap or attaching a different lock, please contact one of our employees with your concerns before ordering. We will work with you to determine whether your wish can be fulfilled and what costs you would incur. Such an item cannot be returned.

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