We place great value on the ENVIRONMENT with our project! And you?

For the sake of the environment: second-hand jewelry and watches

The resources of our world are not infinite, this also applies to precious metals and gemstones. Gold and silver, for example, are not renewable raw materials and so you should handle them carefully.

A lot of energy is required for the mining and extraction of precious metals and gemstones, and later also for their transport and processing. In this area too, the topic of sustainability is increasingly becoming the focus of producers and customers. Have you ever thought about it yourself?

Benefits of second-hand jewelry

Why do you want to own a completely new piece of jewelry? If you choose a used part, it has a number of advantages:

  • By reusing jewelry you save resources and thus contribute a small part to preserving our environment.
  • You preserve things for posterity and are mindful of the people who made bracelets, necklaces and rings.
  • Your own financial budget is protected.
  • You will receive jewelry with a past that already has a soul!

Advantages of our online shop

By shopping in our online shop you are making a good decision because

  • Numerous professionals worked for you before the sale: goldsmiths, jewelers, watchmakers, gemologists and diamond appraisers (as required).
  • You will only receive checked goods.
  • Jewelry and watches have been reworked - you can hardly tell them apart from new items.
  • The prices are usually almost half reduced compared to new goods.

What are you waiting for? Just take a look around our shop without obligation!

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